Risk/Energy Optimisation Programme

Operational Learning

By adopting best practice in air management, energy savings are realised and premature hardware failures are reduced. Our operational learning programme is a long-term commitment designed to:

  • Significantly reduce risk
  • Optimise energy performance
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Provide cost effective, energy efficient, high reliability solutions
  • Provide forward thinking strategy
  • Address human factors
  • Improve stakeholder knowledge transfer and teamwork
  • Provide active engagement across all disciplines
  • Maximise free cooling opportunities
  • Provide innovative tools to measure and manage air performance
  • Improve staff retention


"The programme delivered significant financial savings and promoted greater team integration and communication"

- Eoin Doherty, Critical Facilities Manager

This course is accredited by CIBSE and can contribute towards your CPD requirements. More here >

Our risk & energy optimisation programme has enabled an average energy reduction of 12% with an ROI of 8 months.